Nosotros somos Hanseandina

We are a German company with a global presence in more than 15 countries. Our purpose is to develop and commercialize innovative products with low environmental impact to contribute to the expansion of a more sustainable agriculture. At Hanseandina® we grow looking for the difference.

“Producing food, thinking about the environment and the future of our children is a big challenge for all actors in the food chain. I know that Hanseandina is on the right track thanks to our team of valuable people and our great business partners. Our vision inspires me to face the responsibility we have as a company towards our farmers and our society”.

Jan Onnen
Founder & Director
Reinbek, Germany.



We offer farmers innovative, high quality products through the development of new technologies that solve challenges during the production of their crops, promoting responsible product management and providing sustainability to our people, allies and partners.


To offer farmers innovative, high-tech products with low chemical impact that solve challenges during crop production, promoting environmentally responsible agriculture hand in hand with our people, our distribution channels and manufacturers.

ADN Hanseandina

Our essence is based on teamwork and continuous accompaniment with each of our strategic allies, since they are the fundamental basis for growth and differentiation in the market. We are committed to providing innovative tools to farmers for crop protection, based on state-of-the-art technology and the continuous research we conduct for our product portfolio.

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✓ Soy claro, sincero y leal con el cliente y el proveedor, si sus requerimientos y los míos son posibles o no.
✓ Siempre pienso y busco el beneficio común. En todo lo que hacemos tú ganas y yo gano para asegurar una relación perdurable.


✓ Actúo diariamente de acuerdo con las guías morales y éticas de la compañía.
✓ Cumplo los acuerdos que hago contigo, con los clientes y con la compañía.


✓ Soy curioso, pregunto e investigo para agregar valor y hacer la diferencia.
✓ Entablo diálogos e inspiro a los demás para buscar soluciones conjuntas a los problemas.
✓ Rompo y flexibilizo los esquemas para mejorar y ser diferente.


✓ Comparto eficientemente y a tiempo la información interna, externa y advierto los riesgos potenciales.
✓ Doy feedback oportunamente a mis compañeros y lo recibo sin tomarlo de manera personal.
✓ Pienso en grande e insisto en sobrepasar las metas acordadas.

Trabajo En Equipo

✓ Soy claro comunicando mis objetivos siguiendo el conducto regular.
✓ Me preocupo por conocer al cliente, mis compañeros y por su bienestar.
✓ Mi entusiasmo y actitud positiva contagian a mis compañeros y clientes.


Portfolio Development

Innovative portfolio of high technology and low environmental impact, where we select the biological targets in which we are most effective, conducting laboratory and field tests to ensure the performance and quality of our products.

Environmental Responsibility

Hanseandina® is focused on the production and commercialization of low chemical impact products for crop protection, as well as promoting the responsible management of the portfolio by training the members of the value chain through our Beep Bee Protection program and the dissemination of the safe use and handling of products.

Human Resources

At Hanseandina® we promote the emotional integration of our employees, conduct regular performance evaluations and seek to retain talent with long-term personal development programs.

Sell Out Based Business

We provide ongoing technical training on our portfolio to farmers, technical assistants, distribution channel, etc., and we demonstrate in the field its performance and benefits.

Alliance With Channel And Suppliers

At Hanseandina® we promote long-lasting technical and commercial relationships, seeking to foster credibility in us and sustainability for both parties.