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Ofrecemos al agricultor productos innovadores de alta tecnología y de bajo impacto químico, promoviendo una agricultura ambientalmente responsable y sostenible.

El inmovilizador PESTICK®

El inmovilizador de insectos PESTICK® es una solución innovadora diseñada para el control efectivo de insectos y ácaros que permite ofrecer productos agrícolas mas saludables.

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We are a German company with a global presence in more than 15 countries. Our purpose is to develop and commercialize innovative products with low environmental impact to contribute to the expansion of a more sustainable agriculture.

At Hanseandina® we grow looking for the difference.

“Producing food, thinking about the environment and the future of our children is a big challenge for all actors in the food chain. I know that Hanseandina is on the right track thanks to our team of valuable people and our great business partners. Our vision inspires me to face the responsibility we have as a company towards our farmers and our society”.

Jan Onnen
Founder & Director
Reinbek, Germany.


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Our essence is based on teamwork and continuous accompaniment with each of our strategic allies, since they are the fundamental basis for growth and differentiation in the market. We are committed to providing innovative tools to farmers for crop protection, based on state-of-the-art technology and the continuous research we conduct for our product portfolio.

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