Am Ladenzentrum 2, D- 21465 Reinbek, Germany

Our Mission

We offer innovative and high-quality products to farmers, which through the development of new technologies solve the challenges during the production of their crops, promoting a responsible use of products, bringing sustainability to our people, partners and shareholders.

Our Vision

To offer the farmer innovative high tech products with low chemical impact, which solve the challenges during the production of their crops, promoting an environmentally responsible agriculture together with our people, distribution channels and manufacturers.


✓ I communicate my objectives clearly and follow the regular conduct.
✓ I care about knowing better my business partner, my colleague and about their well-being.
✓ My enthusiasm and positive attitude motivate my colleagues and business partners.
✓ I share efficiently and on time internal and external information, advising about potential risks.
✓ I give timely feedbacl top my colleagues and reciev it without taking it personal.
✓ I think big and insist on exceeding the agreed targets.
✓ I am curious, I ask and research for adding value and making the difference.
✓ I start a dialogue and inspire others to look jointly for solutions to problems.
✓ I break and simplify schemes, look for improvement and for being different.
✓ Everyday I act following the moral and theic guidelines of the company.
✓ I fulfill agreements made with you, with the business partners and the Company.
✓ I am transparent, honest and loyal to the customer and ther supplier, in regards to whether his requirements and mine are possible or not.
✓ I always look and search for everybodies benefit. Everything we do, you win and I win to ensure a long lasting relationship.

Our strategic pillars

Portfolio Development

Innovative portfolio of high technology with low environmental impact, where we research the the most important and limiting biological targets, carrying out laboratory and field trials to guarantee the performance and quality required by the farmers.

Human Resources

Hanseandina® is more then just a job, we live our corporate values and promote the emotional interaction of our colleagues, we continuously carry out performance evaluations and look for retaining our talents through long-term professional development programs.

Business based on Sell Out

We carry out permanent technical training of our portfolio to our team of Technical Sales Representatives, distribution cannels, farmers and technical assistants, etc. and demonstrate our products performance and benefits in the field.

Environmental Responsibility

Hanseandina® is focused on the production and sale of crop protection products with low chemical impact. We promote the responsible and correct use as well as the safe handling of our portfolio by training the different stakeholders in the value chain through our program called BeeP Bee Protection.

Alliance with Distributors and Producers

At Hanseandina® we focus on long-term business relationships to promote credibility in our company and sustainability for both side.