BeeP, which stands for Bee Protection, is a program that began in March 2019, with which we seek to raise awareness and train people throughout the chain in the safe use and handling of agrochemicals in Central America and the Andean Region, as well as the importance and preservation of pollinators in crops, especially bees because we understand the importance they have for agriculture.


Aby is our pollinator and representative of the BeeP program in the different places and to the different people that we approach. It is the symbol of our purpose and what we hope to achieve with this project. Aby always accompanies us to give us valuable information about our responsibility, our future and our commitment to agriculture, the environment and society.


ANIFODA Croplife (Nicaraguan Association of Agrochemical Formulators and Distributors) awards Hanseandina® for its social and environmental commitment to agriculture in Nicaragua through the different trainings carried out with the BeeP – Bee Protection program in 2020 and 2021.


Although pollination is part of the reproductive processes of flowering plants, it means a lot for both the economic and food security of mankind, surpassing all expectations and beyond imagination. The purpose of this session is to understand what pollination means, to make its importance in food production visible and to recognize the most important pollinators.

In people’s imagination, bees are reduced to a single species, the honey bee. However, bees are one of the most diverse groups we have on earth, not only in number of species but also life histories, with one thing in common, their love for flowers. In this session we will deal with bees in their diversity, their most notorious characteristics and the reasons that make them the pollinators par excellence.

Generally bees are associated with honey, reducing their perception to a single species. However, their diversity and contribution to food production goes beyond what one might imagine. This session aims to make the diversity of bees visible and to understand their importance in agriculture and the reasons why they are the most efficient pollinators.

Although the honey bee, Apis mellifera, is the most recognized species in our society, it has an endearing history with humans, offering us much more than sweet honey. This session aims to highlight the history of the honey bee, its most essential biological characteristics and its benefits.


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