About us

HANSEANDINA®, Germany-based company, focused on the development, formulation and B2B sales of innovative and differentiated solutions for crop protection. Our continuous research of solutions for the control of diverse biological targets has lead us to a development of high performance insecticides, fungicides and herbicides for the main problems present today in rice, avocado, coffee, ornamentals, corn, peanuts, cotton, wheat, vegetables and other crops. 

Our goal is to support farmers to grow their yields and earnings by using differentiated and high performance crop protection products. 

Our presence

HANSEANDINA® is present in strategic agricultural countries such as Australia, China, Colombia, Dominican Republic, Ecuador, El Salvador, Germany, Honduras, Mexico, Nicaragua, Panama, Peru and Venezuela, which has contributed to a reputation on local and international level as a strategic and reliable partner of differentiated solutions for crop protection.

Our added value

1. Local presence in strategic agricultural countries

We are present in Germany, China, Central America, Andean Region and Australia. 

2. Quality Assurance

We guarantee our quality through own sampling and analysis of each production batch. 

3. High Performance

Our products are innovative, unique and profitable by providing an excellent protection to different crops.

4. Commercial Commitment

Reliable longterm relationship with our distribution partners, agile before and after sales customer service, marketing support and technical training to farmers, technical sales staff and independent agronomical advisors.

5. In good company

We cooperate with the main "off-patent" multinationals and big national importers.