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HANSEANDINA® is well-known for being a complete supplier of differentiated solutions for crop protection. The development of differentiated products is driven by the main crop diseases of the farmers called Target Pests. As our aim we always look for a commercial product with a maximum performance, fast action, high efficency and residuality. This way we want to contribute to the farmer’s process of growing crops and growing their earnings by difference.

HANSEANDINA® invests important time in the Laboratory for the chemical development of the products in order to find efficient and innovative crop protection solutions for farming.

HANSEANDINA® takes special care about the formulation process as well as the packing, storage and transport of the product which will be distributed and sprayed in the different countries in the region. 


BILLARD® SC is a systemic Fungicide with double action: preventive and curative, it is formulated as a Suspension Concentrate Based on two high performance active ingredients 

Advantages of BILLARD® SC:

FAST: Rapid Effect, due to its quick absorption.

EFFECTIVE: Approved Control of important diseases in Rice, Coffee, Corn, vegetables, Cotton and other crops.

HIGH PERFORMANCE: Wide Spectrum of control due to its double action.


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METROPOL® SC is a systemic, translaminar and contact fungicide. It has a protective, curative and anti spore germination action.

Advantages of METROPOL® SC:

NEW: Combination of Systemic and Translaminar Action.

RAPID: Knock-Down Effect due to its quick absorption.

RESIDUAL: Degrades slowly with a high residuality.

EFFICIENT: Approved Control of important diseases in Coffee, Soybean, Rice, Roses Corn, Fruits and Vegetables.

VERSATILE: Can be sprayed during different crop stages


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KOMPRESSOR® SC, Innovative Contact and Ingestion Insecticide, allows to control lepidoptera from Instar L1 to the formation of chrysalis and adults.

Advantages of KOMPRESSOR® SC:

UNIQUE KONTROL: Innovative Mixture with a unique formulation.

VERSATILE: Approved control of leaf eating Insects and crawling insects.

EFFECTIVE: Knock-Down Effect and High residuality for weeks.


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BINGO® SG is a new insecticide which combines two high performance actives of the Cloronicotinil and the Avermectin Groups.

Advantages of BINGO® SG:

NEW: Unique combination formulated as a Soluble Granule.

COMPLETE: Broad Spectrum Control, Leaf Eating Insects, leafminers and sucking Insects.

POWERFULL: Effective Translaminar action and high Systemicy.

COST - BENEFIT: Excelent Ratio, High performance at low dose rares.


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Download here the digital handout about the ADEQUATE USE of Agrochemical Pesticides, which was developed by HANSEANDINA® for teaching and diffusing in a practical way how to read the Pesticide labels, which are the routes of exposure, which dress and protection equipment has to be used during spraying in the field and how to execute the triple wash for the final disposal of the empty packing. 

ADEQUATE USE of pesticides