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HANSEANDINA® is an agricultural company, which is focused on the development, formulation and marketing of differentiated solutions for chemical crop protection. The continuous research of this solutions for the control of different target pests specifically insects, diseases and weeds, has lead to the development of high performance products for the main crops in the region such as Corn, Vegetables, Rice, Coffee, Fruits, Oil Palm, Potato, Soybean and others.

HANSEANDINA® is located strategically in Germany, Colombia, Hong Kong, China, Venezuela, Panama, Argentina, Peru and Mexico, which has contributed to create a local and international positioning as strategic and reliable partners for Differentiated Solutions for Crop Protection.

With Differentiated Crop Solutions we are making it different. Our Objective is to support the process of growing crops, growing yields and growing profits by difference.






We are an Agricultural Company which is focused on
the Innovation and the Supply of high Quality Crop
Protection Chemicals, which creates differentiation
on Value, Stability and Economical Growth for
Agriculture, our Partners and our people.







Consolidate ourselves as the Agricultural Company,
which is recognized for its Innovation, Quality,
Support and Commitment with the Field, positioned
worldwide with presence in more than 20 countries
in the year 2023.



Our Added Value

Global Local Presence
We are Locally Present in China and our overseas Markets.

Quality Assurance
We guarantee the Quality through own Sampling and analysis of each product per Batch.

High Performance
Our Products are Innovative, Unique & Profitable.

Commercial Commitment
Reliable Longterm relationship, Competitive Pricing, After Sales Service, Technical & Marketing Support.

In good Company
We cooperate with the main „off- Patent“ Multinationals & big national importers.